Recovery and Resilience Facility Monitor

The aim of this initiative

This is a standalone project run by the Centre for European Policy Studies offering clear insights on the EU’s use of its financial resources to drive the EU’s recovery and reforms, aiming at improving and accelerating the speed of implementation of the funds. The project aims not only at contributing to the debate on the funds, but also to bring key stakeholders to discuss solutions to the bottlenecks and lack of focus in the funding. 

The EU’s fiscal space and space for debt expansion is limited, while the challenges ahead appear to accelerate. A key focus of this project is thus on improvements, simplification and better management fo the financial resources of the EU.

The Council of the European Union approved the EU’s normal Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027 of €1078 billion in conjunction with the Next Generation EU (NGEU) support package dedicated to counteract the impact of COVID-19 worth €750 billion (2018 prices). This package has revolutionised the financial landscape of the EU, but it is in a phase of transition and uncertainty, with new challenges requiring a redirection of resources.

The ability for the EU to recovery and become more resilient is essential, but will require important improvements…. and that is the core of the work of this initiative.

Country Dashboards

Assessment and data dashboards of the National Recovery and Resilience Plans

RRF FIgures

RRF financial allocations and EU debt developments


Informative lectures, press and media coverage


Reports and articles by CEPS researchers

New Industrial Strategy for Europe

Industrial Policy Task Force 2.0

What we offer

The Recovery and Resilience Group

The work of CEPS is supported by a small high-level group of prominent EU, national and academic experts as well as policy makers, who reflect on the findings and offer insights and recommendations to the research team. Every report is reviewed by these specialists from different countries and perspectives.

Our Team

Francesco Corti

Co-Head of the RRF Monitor, Associate Research Fellow Economic Policy Unit Policy advisor on European social affairs to Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, Frank Vandenbroucke

Cinzia Alcidi

Co-Head of the RRF Monitor
Associate Senior Research Fellow
Expert public sector trainer for the European Institute for Public Administration

Tamás Kiss-Gálfalvi

Researcher Economic Policy Unit and CEPS' Head of project development

Leonie Westhoff


Alessandro Liscai

Associate Research Assistant
Economic Policy Unit Research Assistant ASTRID Foundation

Advisory and editorial support

Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer of CEPS

Andrea Renda

Head of Global Governance, Regulation, Innovation & Digital Economy Unit Adjunct Professor of Digital Policy at the School of Transnational Governance of the EUI

Daniel Cassidy-Deketelaere

CEPS’ Editor-in-Chief.

Martina Giani

Digital Communications Officer